Flint Residents Learn To Harness Superpowers, But Trump Gets Away Again

FLINT—They developed superpowers after years of drinking from a lead-poisoned water supply. But just having incredible abilities doesn't make them superheroes. Not yet.

CBSNEWS.US February 29, 2020

Weekly Roommate Dinner Cancelled After Historic 2nd Gathering

NEW YORK—They said it couldn't be done. A weekly roommate dinner with all three roommates in attendance. But these Brooklynites just proved everyone wrong.

CBSNEWS.US February 27, 2020

Finally, A VR Headset That Gets Nausea Right

Virtual reality companies are in a race to see how fast they can make users vomit. Finally a leader emerges.

CBSNEWS.US February 25, 2020

Eldest Grandson Reigns Supreme With 3 School Pictures On Nana’s Fridge

ROCKFORD, MI—After months of intense combat and speculation, James once again emerged as the favored grandson, with a record-setting four pictures on Nana's fridge.

CBSNEWS.US February 18, 2020

IBM Watson Exits ‘The View’ After 7 Seasons

Citing personal differences with his human co-hosts, Watson announced it would be leaving the show last Friday.

CBSNEWS.US February 12, 2020

Echo Park Chipotle To Become Nation’s First ‘Rat Cafe’

LOS ANGELES—Facing increased competition from niche restaurants targeting millennials, the Echo Park Chipotle announced today it would become the nation’s first “Rat Cafe,” giving diners the chance to eat a burrito bowl alongside a whole

CBSNEWS.US February 5, 2020
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